Activities in the area of customised training

Workshop for the Catalan Free Press Association

In May a workshop was held for businessmen from the free press. This was directed by Joan Francesc Cánovas, co-director of the Master in Communication Management at IDEC, and its aim was to discuss the current challenges and strategies for the future of this sector. The session also served to find out about points of interest with the idea of organising a third series of International One Day meetings for the Free Press.

Training for the New General Accounting Plan for Sanofi-Aventis

During the first semester of the year lecturer Josep Lluís Boned taught two editions of the New General Accounting Plan programme for Sanofi Aventis. The aim of these editions was to provide this company\'s financial sections in Madrid and Barcelona with information about the new GAP, examining the main characteristics indicated by current regulations, how changes to new regulations will be carried out and what their main impact will be.