The Generalitat (Catalan Autonomous Government) and the UPF-IDEC launch a postgraduate programme on active aging

The secretary for Family Affairs in the Department of Social and Family Welfare of the Generalitat (Catalan Autonomous Government), Dolors Gordi, and the General Director of the Pompeu Fabra Continuing Education Institute Private Foundation, Carme Martinell, signed a collaboration agreement to launch a Postgraduate Course to boost Active Aging Projects. The course, which started this academic year 2013-2014, has 16 attending. The agreement predicts that it will be extended for another two years.
 This course is recognized by the Department for Social and Family Welfare as a “good example” in the area of active aging.
The secretary for Family Affairs has emphasized the importance of organizing courses like this one within the context of our current aging society. “The elderly people’s sector needs more attention and as a result, better prepared professionals who understand what a older society represents, and at the same time, knows the needs, challenges and opportunities that this presents”, stated Dolors Gordi. Carme Martinell highlighted the active role the UPF-IDEC plays in adapting to the requirements and needs of the market in terms of training.
This programme is aimed mainly at professionals who work in the sector of the elderly and in socio-cultural fields and community action. Additionally, to older people and volunteers wishing to collaborate in active aging projects. The objective of this course is to train specialists in active aging so they may participate in the development of social policies and specific actions that ensure integration, participation and the physical and mental well-being of elderly people.