A video game created as part of the Master in Video Game Design, among the winners of the Independent Games Festival

The Galaxy Scraper video game, which was created by the young team of Aarón Ruiz, Roger Solé, Xavi Lamarca, Carlos Guzmán and Josep Soto, students on the Master in Video Game Design, was one of the video games to be awarded a prize at the tenth edition of the Annual Independent Games Festival, in the student category. This festival takes place every year in the United States and coincides with the Game Developers? Conference. For the first time, a game developed in Spain has succeeded in entering the prize list for what are the Oscars for independent games.

Galaxy Scraper is one of 12 games created by students from all over the world which has received great praise during the Game Developers? Conference, which was held in San Francisco, California, from 18th to 22nd February. The twelve winners were chosen from among 125 candidates from over 20 participating countries.

The hero of Galaxy Scraper, a traveller who is lost in space, has to cross a miniature solar system. With an accurate control system, this video game presents an innovative game platform with an original look in that the spatial concepts of the real world (up, down, etc.) are given new possibilities. Previously, this game was awarded first prize in the Playstation ArtFutura Competition. You can see a sample of this work on http://www.ithandil.net/galaxy/.

Since the Master?s in Video game Design was started in the year 2000, UPF has become a point of reference in Spain for the training of professionals in this sector. Its teaching staff comprises researchers from the GTI (Interactive Technologies Group), the DTIC (Department of Information and Communication Technologies), as well as professionals from the business sector from Novarama, Digital Legends, Ubi Soft, Pyro Studios and Arvirago, among others.