A former student of the Postgraduate Programme in Museum Management is coordinating the Miró WikiProject

For the past five years Hinojo, a graduate of the first edition of the Postgraduate
Programme in Museum Management: how to make a museum work
, has
played a key role in creating the Catalan Wikipedia. Under the pseudonym Kippel
, he writes an average of 600 articles a year and is currently
coordinating the Miró WikiProject, a project
organised by Barcelona's Miró Foundation in conjunction with the
Catalan Amical Viquipèdia (Friends of Wikipedia) association. On
14 September, the Miró Foundation is organising a WikiMarathon whereby
Wikipedia volunteers are invited to come and find out more about the Catalan
artist in order to add to the information currently available on Wikipedia.

Hinojo, who spent five months as the Picasso Museum's Wikipedian in Residence,
defines voluntary Wikipedians as “knowledge volunteers”. As an art-lover, he
mainly writes information regarding museums and art history. In an interview
published in the El Periódico newspaper he said that “a trip
to a museum can be like a session with a psychologist. You have to go there
to find out who you are, where you come from and why you're here, not in the
philosophical sense, but to realise that before you there were people who were
a lot smarter and more intelligent, who thought this or that, that there are
thousands of different points of view and that history is cyclical. That's
what culture is, and museums are its custodians.”

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