A Crowd of Monsters, a company created by the students of the Master’s Degree in Video Game Creation.

A Crowd of Monsters, founded by students of the Master’s Degree in Video Game Creation at the IDEC University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), is a start-up company that creates latest generation video games.

The company was founded two years ago and is currently located in the innovation incubation centre of the UPF Business Shuttle, which helps the company attain financial investment for its consolidation and growth. Rafael Gonzàlez, Dani Candil, Daniel Castellanos and Ramon Naifra are responsible for the different areas that have made it possible to transform the ideas given by the game developers and designers into a computer programme in game form, which works on computers, smartphones, or consoles. With just two years behind them, A Crowd of Monsters has already won several prizes and received nominations both for video games and for the applications created. They have now acquired the latest technology in virtual reality glasses, which has allowed them to create a 3D version of some of their videogames.