A case study, presented by Oriol Amat and Martín Guasch, wins an award in the United States

Oriol Amat, Academic Consultant on the Barcelona School of Management’s Masters in Financial Management, and Martín Guasch, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting and Adjunct Lecturer in the UPF Department of Economics and Business, are the authors of the "General Lab" case study, which obtained second prize in the 2013 IMA Case Writing Competition.

The UPF lecturers obtained the award for the preparation of this case study, which describes the main success factors of General Lab, a company with headquarters in Barcelona established in 1991, which leads the clinical analysis laboratories sector and which, since 2008, has formed part of the Labco Quality Diagnostic Group.

The award, worth €1,000 and granted by the United States Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), is one of the world’s most important awards dedicated to the case study method, an educational tool frequently used in the sphere of economics, above all in disciplines such as business administration and management. The winners of the 2013 competition were announced at the end of last July, and the prize-giving ceremony was held on 6 August in Anaheim (California).

The "General Lab" case study, pending publication in the IMA Educational Case Journal (IECJ), can be consulted in three languages on the website of the Department of Economics and Business, in a section which currently includes over sixty case studies prepared by the University’s lecturers. These case studies, which can be very useful for university lecturers, are intended to improve the student’s capacity for analysis and achieve more active teaching.

An association which promotes financial accounting

IMA is a prestigious association devoted to promoting the financial accounting profession, through research, continuing training, network creation, and ethical commercial practices. It has a global network of over 65,000 members from 120 countries and offers localised services through its offices in cities such as New Jersey, Dubai and Beijing, among others.

The IMA Educational Case Journal (IECJ) is the IMA’s online journal which, since 2008, has published the different case studies winning the competition. Academics who are the authors of publications can participate, and the case studies can cover a wide range of subjects which reflect the diversity of skills required in the sphere of business administration and management.

Two experts in management and accounting

Oriol Amat Salas, who in the UPF was Director of the Department of Economics and Business and Vice-Rector of Economics and Information Systems, is currently Academic Consultant on the UPF Barcelona School of Management’s Masters in Financial Management. Since 2011, he has also been a board member of the Spanish National Stock Exchange Commission (CNMV) and Chair of Expert Economists in Accounting and Financial Information (ECIF), a specialised organisation of the General Council of the Economists' Association. He is Vice-Chair of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID) and a member of the CAREC (Advisory Council for Economic Recovery and Growth in Catalonia).

Martín Guasch Mercadé, who graduated in Business Administration at the UPF, has been an Adjunct Lecturer in the University’s Financial Economics and Accounting area since 2009 and also lecturers at the UB in the sphere of business organisation. In addition to working as a business consultant, he has collaborated on numerous research studies and on the publication of articles related to finance. He is a member of the ACCID (Catalan Association of Accounting and Management).

Link to the case study: General Lab http://www.econ.upf.edu/docs/case_studies/64en.pdf