The 2014 edition of the UPFEmprèn Awards now open

UPF is organizing the 7th edition of the UPFEmprèn Awards for Business Achievement and Capacity, created by the Board of Trustees at UPF and the Banc Sabadell Foundation, to promote an entrepreneurial culture among young university students, and reinforce connections between university innovation and the social and productive fabric of our society.

Logo del premioThe annual award ceremony is aimed at UPF students, graduates and postgraduates who wish to present a business project or idea. The deadline for entry into the competition is 12 September, and prizes will amount to 20,000 euros.

Competition projects, whether individual or group work, may involve one discipline or many, and can be based on any of UPF’s academic fields (social sciences and humanities, health and life sciences, communication and information technology, or design and architecture).

Projects which have received awards in the six previous editions were based on the following themes: a business idea to make assisted reproduction more accessible for remote or isolated populations (2008), a project on genetic assessment (2009), a publisher for books on learning Chinese (2010), a portal for individual sports (2011), a text scanner for the visually impaired (2012), and an application for geolocation (2013).