Pompeu Fabra University launches its University Social Responsibility competition

The Board of Trustees and vice-rector's office for Social Responsibility at UPF made their second announcement for the competition to design a project on the theme of University Social Responsibility (USR), in order to promote and encourage social commitment of both the institution and the community and implement new initiatives in this area.

Participation is aimed at students, teaching staff, researchers, and administrative and service staff of UPF or part of the UPF Group, and projects may be submitted until 10th July. One of the necessary requirements is that they must be able to be implemented in the University or its immediate surroundings within a maximum of a year, and must contribute to improving the quality of life either within the institution, of some of its members, or of its surrounding environment.

Imagen de BarcelonaEqual opportunities, environmental sustainability, voluntary work, help to underprivileged groups, contributions to social, civic, cultural, and sporting development, or accountability are just some of the themes on which proposals may be based, they may be individual or group work, and can be submitted with the collaboration of any organizations relating to the university campus.

An evaluating commission will choose the competition’s winning project, backed up by economic support from the UPF Board of Trustees, to a maximum amount of 3,000 euros. It will be chaired by the Board of Trustees President, and the vice-rector responsible for the area of the university’s technical staff will also be present, as well as external social representation from the different groups that make up the university community.