Toni Aira publishes his book "El último partido"

El último partido, Toni AiraToni Aira, the director of the Master in Political and Institutional Communication at UPF-IDEC has published “El último partido (The Last Match)". The book, which has the subheading: "The grand finale is in sight, but politics is weary" explains that although there has been a decrease in the amount of people that intend to vote for the main parties, there are still other options available He uses a Spanish simile that alludes to football: "aún hay partido" (the match isn't over yet).

The back cover of the book states: "This is not a book, it’s a warning. Another warning to add to many others, like the decrease in the number of people that wish to vote for the main political parties, or the increase in the expected amount of support from citizens for parties that, up until now, were either minority parties or did not exist at all". In fact, Toni Aira recommends that someone advises the traditional parties to take action, because: "The match isn't over yet. However, traditional politics needs to take part, because at this stage in the game, they are not necessarily in a position to win it. Even so, it is obvious that the most foolish approach would be not even trying to."

Toni Aira (Poblenou, Barcelona, 1977) is a journalist. He is a co-director and a lecturer of the Master in Management of Political and Institutional Communication at UPF-IDEC. He directs and presents the Els Spin Doctors show on Catrà, which tackles the subject of political communication.