Three students from the Master in Legal Practice win UPF’s 3rd Human Rights Contest

Elena Alvárez, Andreu Martí and Edward Butterfield, students on UPF-IDEC’s Master in Legal Practice were the winners of the third edition of the Human Rights Contest "Inger Helga Pedersen", organized by Pompeu Fabra University’s Department of Law and open to any Master or PhD Law students studying at Catalan universities. The aim of this contest on litigation simulation is to promote discussion and training in legal aspects relating to Human Rights. Facing a team comprising Andrea Porta, Sheila Méndez and Ana Violant, this was a complex case in which a political party whose ideology was based on the opposition to mass immigration, presented a case against Spain for breaching the European Convention on Human Rights.

‘The aim of this contest is to work on cases which are connected to reality, with complex procedures, and at the forefront of current affairs. Last year, we addressed the subject of evictions and this year we came up with a complicated case based on political parties with very extreme and drastic ideas regarding human rights, “escraches” or exposure protests, clashes between citizens, disputes including serious injuries, possible irregularities, or police negligence, etc, etc.’ explained Ramon Ragués, director of UPF’s Master in Legal Practice  and one of the members of the panel of judges.

The winning team is awarded a visit to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where they will attend an audience for some of the pending cases, and where they will be able to talk with some of the judges and officials.