The Royal Bank of Canada has appointed Guillermo Nafarrate, a graduate from the MSC in Finance and Banking

Guillermo Nafarrate, a graduate from the MSc in Finance and Banking of UPF- Barcelona School of Management, has been appointed by the Royal Bank of Canada following a curricular internship carried out as part of the Master program.

Curricular internships, of two year duration, consist of 6 monthly rotations in 4 different divisions of the bank:

1. Asset Management
2. Commercial Banking
3. Capital Markets
4. Risk Management

However, after the first 6 months in the Asset Management division, RBC appointed him full time, while giving him the opportunity of carrying out the same tasks assigned to him in the internship contract.
He currently holds a position as Banking Advisor in the Commercial Banking division and his post consists mainly of managing client finances (investment funds, financial markets, tax strategies, mortgage management, equity financing, etc). In the next two rotations he will hold positions of Chartered Financial Analyst and Investment Manager.

Guillermo appreciates that the Master has given him the opportunity to take part in an internship where he has felt at ease, and been able to discover what he likes best within the financial sector: Asset Management.

“Studying the Master opened doors for me, but to really develop your career you have to aim for goals and keep learning continually. Following a period of training and experience in other areas, I hope to go back to the Asset Management division.”

Guillermo Nafarrate
Graduated from the MSc in Finance and Banking
Royal Bank of Canada