The CyD Foundation's ranking shows UPF to be one of the most efficient universities in Spain

RankingCYDUPF is considered to be one of the two most efficient universities in Spain, according to the second edition of the country university rankings published by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (or CyD-Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo). Sixty public and private institutions took part (72% of the total amount). The ranking examines 560 qualifications and seven areas of knowledge.

The ranking is based on a total of 31 institutional performance indicators divided into the following categories: Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Focus and Contribution to Regional Development.

The universities that have achieved a high performance rating for various performance indicators (on a scale which differentiates between high, intermediate or low performance ratings) are the Autonomous University of Barcelona (with 21 performance indicators that were awarded a high performance rating) and Pompeu Fabra University (with eighteen). They were followed by the University of Navarra and the University of Deusto (with fourteen).

The performance results are not unconditional. They are established by comparing them with the data collected from the group of universities that are participating and are measured according to the average achieved by the institutions.

Eighteen performance indicators were awarded a high performance rating. Eight of them were in the field of research and five were in the field of knowledge transfer.

31 performance indicators were analysed. UPF achieved a high performance rating in eighteen of them. As regards the remaining thirteen areas, the institution achieved an intermediate rating in six of them, and in the other seven, no rating was given, meaning that there was no data or insufficient data to calculate the rating.

The institution achieved a high performance rating in Research (in eight of the nine performance areas that made up this element) in the areas of external funding, publications by full time teaching and research staff, normalised impact factor, publications quoted on a frequent basis, interdisciplinary publications, post-doctorates, period of external assessment of research activity and full time public teaching staff that are not subject to external assessment.

In the area of Knowledge Transfer, UPF stands out from the rest in terms of publications with companies, patents granted to full time teaching and research staff, requests for patents from private companies and publications quoted in patents.

A high performance rating was also awarded in different areas of the three remaining categories: Teaching and Learning (graduation rate [master programs]) and graduation regulations [master programs]); International Focus (qualifications offered in a foreign language [degrees], international teaching and research staff and international publications; and Contribution to Regional Development (regional publications).