The Mozcation congress held within the framework of the IDEC-UPF Master in Search Engines was a huge success

On Friday, 28 October the event Mozcation was held at the IDEC-UPF, organised by the company SEOmoz in collaboration with the Master in Search Engines: Marketing and Positioning (online) . It was an opportunity for people to get together and network with the international SEO community. More than 250 professionals from the sector attended the talks given by nationally and internationally renowned experts:

Aleyda Solis ( ). Online Marketing and SEO expert

Joanna Lord . PPC Strategic and Social Media Expert. ( SEOmoz)

Gianluca Fiorelli . Expert web marketer ( ItaliaSEO)

Rand Fishkin . CEO & Co-Founder of the web's most popular SEO Software provider — SEOmoz


The event was streamed live. You can see the broadcast here.