Lecturer Olivia de Miguel took part in the Conferences on Editorial Translation held in Tarazona

Olivia de Miguel, literary translator and director of the Master in Literary and Audiovisual Translation at UPF-IDEC, and Adan Kovaksis, translator and lecturer also for this Master, took part last weekend in the Conferences on Editorial Translation organized by ACE Traductores and La Casa del Traductor of Tarazona.
Olivia de Miguel gave the opening conference for the Master “Heroes, dangers and defences in the poetry of Marianna Moore”.  It is hardly surprising that this author was chosen to open her conference, because back in 2011, de Miguel was awarded the National Poetry Award 2011 by the Ministry of Culture for her translation of the work “Complete Poems of Marianne Moore”.

Around 25% of Spanish book publications represent works translated from other languages, either Spanish or foreign, in contrast to figures from other European markets, especially the United Kingdom, in which translated works only represent about 3% of publications.
The majority of translations comprise Literary Creations (33.7%), followed by children’s and young people’s books (21.9&) and Social Sciences and Humanities (20.0%).