La competència and La segona hora (programs of RAC Radio Station) live from UPF-IDEC

On Friday 16 May, over 250 students and followers of RAC1 listened to La competència live from the UPF-IDEC Auditorium. Following this, Quim Morales broadcasted the program La segona hora from the same Auditorium.

Both Oscars made jokes about the reasons why students had chosen to study a master at UPF-IDEC. You can listen to the program summary on the podcast: El Greatest Hit.


In La segona hora the question of the day was “Which university degree would you invent?” which led to some hilarious calls and comments on the web. You can listen to some sections from the program on the following podcasts:

Estudi audiència

Consultori i Síndic

Historia de la musica

Exclusiva Llimoo


Treball de camp

La caixa dels trons