Class of 2015 sponsor Jaume Giró advises graduates to focus on administration, caution and elegance

On 6 July, UPF Barcelona School of Management held its graduation ceremony for the class of 2015 at the Ciutadella Campus of Pompeu Fabra University. Around 1,500 people attended the graduation ceremony: graduates, family members, lecturers and guest speaker Jaume Giró, the managing director of the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation, who sponsored the class that is graduating this year. It was possible to watch the graduation live using streaming and on social networking using the hashtag #graduacio2015

The ceremony was chaired by the rector of UPF, Jaume Casals, who was joined at the presidential table by the vice-rector of UPF, Dr Mireia Trenchs, the president of the UPF Board of Trustees, Núria Basi and the general director of the Continuing Education Institute, Carme Martinell.

Jaume Giró began his speech by emphasising what a powerful communication tool language is. He gave an example of this by analysing the use of three key words in the life of any successful professional: administer, caution and elegance. The director of "la Caixa" stated that the word administration has been cast aside for the word management. However he advised the graduates to give importance to this concept. "Do not leave administration behind", he warned. Jaume Giró also advised the graduates to act with caution, meaning knowing how to apply their expertise when it came to taking action, and to act elegantly, that is, tastefully. He concluded his speech with the words: "Very few people can aspire to be geniuses, but everyone can aspire to have common sense"

The rector of UPF, Dr Jaume Casals, congratulated all of the UPF Barcelona School of Management graduates, and wished them great success in their future professional careers.

The ceremony was presented by the alumnus of the Postgraduate Course in Public Speaking, Javier Príncep and Anna Albareda, and was an opportunity for the graduates to receive their commemorative diplomas from the academic directors. It included emotional moments such as the video El coneixement com a actitud (Knowledge as an Attitude) and videos featuring testimonials from the students. The celebration concluded in the porticos of the patio in the university's Jaume I building, where those attending enjoyed a farewell cocktail.

Video of the Class of 2015#graduacio2015

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