6th Annual MBA Meeting at the Torre Agbar and the MBA part time 9 Graduation

The speed dating technique, which involves getting to know a lot of people in a very short time, was used by IDEC and the Alumni Association at the 6th MBA Meeting which took place on 12th June. This networking event was sponsored by Agbar and took place at the Torre Agbar, and was designed by an ex-MBA student. 10 virtual areas were arranged with a starting topic which served as an excuse to group participants. An ex-student supervised the proceedings and kept the activities moving in each area: the English Speaking Side; Frikies Corner; Hobbies Square; Singles Lounge; Bar; Innovation & Entrepreneurship Corner; Second Hand & Real Estate Market; Headhunting Area; Business Speed Dating Room, and the Post MBA Mentoring. To quote Alejandro Terbeck, Strategic Buyer at Novartis, it was \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"a very interactive and innovative alumni meeting. We had to mix and interact with our surroundings in a very funny, entertaining way\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

The graduation ceremony for the 9th promotion of the MBA part time was held on 22nd May. This year the speech was given by Miquel Cabré, deputy general of Ecotècnia Energías Renovables and was entitled \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Impulse of the new sector\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".