2005-2006 Masters and Postgraduate Programmes Award Their Diplomas

The opening lecture of the Master\'s in Property, Urban Planning and Construction Law was given by Mr. Casimiro Iglasias, Director General of Territorial Planning and Coordination for the Ministry of Public Works (24 October).

The awarding ceremony for Public Law participants included a speech by Mr. Juli Ponce, Director of the School for Public Administration of Catalonia, EAPC, (13 November).

Business Administration programme participants were addressed by Mr. Josep Maria Vila, Director General of Indra (20 November).

The speaker for Communication, Cultural Management and Language and Translation programmes was Mr. Javier Aparicio, Co-Director of IDEC\'s Master\'s in Publishing (27 November).

Business Financial Accounting Management programme participants were addressed by Mr. Ramon Adell, President of the Spanish Management Association, AED, (30 November).