13th RECLA conference to take place in Barcelona

From 3rd to 5th July, and on behalf of Universidad Pompeu Fabra, IDEC will be organising the 13th RECLA conference in Barcelona. The central theme of the conference will be ?Universities and Companies faced with the Challenge of Social Responsibility: the Role of Continuing Education?.

Talks will be given by:

? Ignasi Carreras Fisas. Director, Institute of Social Innovation, ESADE.

? Antonio Garrigues Walker. President, Garrigues Advocats.

? Enrique V. Iglesias García. Secretary, General Iberoamericà, SEGIB.

? Vicente Ortún Rubio. Director of the Research Centre in Economics and Health and lecturer in the Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

? Jaume Pagès Fita. CEO, Universia.

? Carlos Peña. Rector of Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)

? Guillermo Ary Plonski. Lecturer, Universidad de San Pablo (USP).

There will also be case studies from: Colombia, Argentina, Mexico,

Spain and Peru.

For more information log on to: http://www.idec.upf.edu/recla2008/