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Master of Science in International Business

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

The Master of Science in International Business is organized around core modules which unfold parallel to the 3 key phases of a company's internationalization process: Internal and External Diagnosis, Strategic Planning and Business Operations.

Additionally, in the 3rd term students embark on a one-week business trip to a foreign country in order to experience the implementation of an international business plan. Flight tickets, accommodation and transfers are included in the tuition fees. During the last intakes students have visited Benelux, Turkey and Poland.

Throughout the whole academic year students work on their MSc thesis in tutorized sessions. The MSc thesis takes fthe orm of an international business plan or an international start-up development plan.

During the summer term students undertake a curricular, full-time internship in leading international companies. The internship period can be extended until December depending on the company's requirements and the student's availability. In any case the internship must cover a minimum of 300 hours.

program curriculum

First Term: Internal and External Diagnosis

Second Term: Strategic Planning International business strategy

Third Term: Business Operations International Strategy Simulation Game


Fourth Term: Internship

MSc Thesis: International Business Plan

Additional Off Program Activities

Further to the course's regular classes, all Master of Science students have the possibility of attending free complementary training parallel to the running of their studies. The following activities are optional and are included in the program's tuition fees:


  • Brush-up Courses: preparatory crash-courses on business and economy-related subjects which take place two weeks prior to the beginning of the program.
  • Spanish Course: free of charge, 3-hour/week course at the UPF's language school.
  • Career Development Program: career sessions and workshops during which students obtain specific training on how to improve their CV, approach potential employers and develop professional soft skills. Read more about the school's Career Services.

Final Degree

Once students have completed the program they will receive the official master's degree Master in International Business awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.

Students will also receive an additional Master of Science in International Business completion certificate awarded by UPF Barcelona School of Management and ESCI-UPF.

Official Master's Degree: Upon successfully completing the master's program you will receive a final diploma awarded by Pompeu Fabra University. In order to issue the certificate, the Government of Catalonia charges an additional fee of approximately €200. The exact amount varies annually and will be finalized upon completion of the degree. In accordance with the regulations set out by the Spanish Ministry of Education this final diploma will be issued in Spanish.