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Master of Science in Finance and Banking

Employment opportunities

The following banks, financial intermediaries, consultancies, and companies have recruited students of the Master of Science in Finance and Banking as interns or full-time employees over the last three years:





Mercedes-Benz Bank






Job roles

Most common roles of the Master of Science in Finance and Banking students upon graduation are:

  • Corporate Finance and M&A Analyst
  • Corporate Finance Associate
  • Global Investment Executive
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • M&A Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Risk Engineering and Predictive Modeling, Risk Methodology

Placement Localitations

Our students' experience

Gonzalo Cozzi
2017 Class

Studying this program at UPF Barcelona School of Management was very powerful learning experience, mainly because of the world-class faculty staff and the international classmates. Furthermore, the master’s classes were given in a beautiful location very close to the beach, a perfect spot in a marvelous city like Barcelona.

Thanks the BSM community I have been able to get a job position that I really like and I made friends from all over the world. Also, the master gave me the boldness to start a new business back in Argentina and the knowledge to significantly improve my investment decisions.

We can say that the experience already payed off!

It was an amazing overall experience. 10/10!

Unai Casado
2017 Class

Coursing this Master´s Degree was an incredibly enriching experience both in the professional and personal aspects. Being in an international atmosphere surrounded by professionals coming from different backgrounds allowed me to learn from different working methodologies and approaches to solving problems.

The program is highly valuated in the labor market and focused on the practical application of the concepts learned during the year into real world situations. Moreover, it has helped me get an amazing job overseas.

The friends I made and the campus location itself, made the 2016-2017 academic year, a year I will never forget.

Juan Freire
2'16 Class

My experience at UPF was great! From an academic perspective, I learned from top tier faculty an in-depth view of finance. This has been a key factor in developing my career to the point I wanted.

In the personal aspect, the fact that students come from all around the world added a whole new level to the experience. It wasn't until MSc that I completely understood how different points of view could exponentially increase what you learn.

Finally, Barcelona is a great city for both the academic and social life.