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Online Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication


The program is structured around practical and participatory workshops in which students will acquire key communication skills through diverse activities that are directly related to professional experience.

The program has been designed to promote active, student-centred learning. As such, a wide range of resources (such as reference texts, videos from experts, 2.0 tools and interactive applications) are provided to facilitate the acquisition of key skills and the completion of tasks assigned in the program's various workshops.

Likewise, the virtual environment ensures easy access to all of the resources, as well as flexibility regarding personal time management. It also encourages students to share their knowledge with each other and work together throughout the course of the workshops.

The program guarantees the assistance and guidance of a tutor as well as feedback consisting of a personalized evaluation for each participant. Upon completing the program, students will receive an evaluation of their personal development in relation to the program's objectives.


UPF Barcelona School of Management’s online masters, postgraduate programs and short courses are aimed at professionals who prefer to work 100% online, without attending face-to-face in-classroom sessions. This type of learning requires the active participation of the student through a wide variety of online resources (documents, bibliography, 2.0 tools, videos, interactive applications, etc.) that enable learning, practical work and the acquisition of new key competences.