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Master in Publishing and Editing

Our students' experience

Sergi Soliva

Class of 2013-2014

"Losing your way in the publishing world is normal. In fact, it's very, very normal, as is not knowing how to get a foot in the door. However, starting your journey with the help of the phenomenal team from the Master in Publishing is definitely a safe bet; if not to get your foot in the door, then to get your first look at this exciting industry."

Valeria Bergalli
Class of 1996

"An excellent way to learn about the whole publishing process and to exchange ideas with leading professionals".

Eva Güell
Class of 2007

"This Master's course provides indispensable co-ordinates to keep track of the publishing microcosms. And should you lose your way... it's the perfect recipe for enjoying a fascinating adventure!"

Miquel Osset
Class of 2007

"Thanks to the Master in Publishing I was able to put what was up to then only an idea into a viable form. The wide range offered by the Master's course and the direct contact enabling networking with many publishing professionals were essential in order to make Editorial Proteus a reality."