Which is your communication style?

from 19:00 h to 21:00 h
UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132-134, Barcelona)
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Ferran Ramon-Cortés, fundador y director del Instituto 5 FarsBuilding bridges between different Relational Styles

Why is so easy to understand some people and sometimes so difficult to understand others?  Why our speech can affect people differently? In fact, why do the same words sometimes bring us closer and other times generate an insurmountable distance?

People have different styles, and this makes us communicate with others differently and also receive communication from them in a different way. Understanding our relational style, knowing how we communicate, and adapting our speaking to the style of the person we are addressing makes it possible to improve communication.

Ferran Ramon-Cortés, founder and director of 5 Fars Institute, habitual collaborator of means like El País, Catalunya Ràdio or Rac1 and author of diverse books of communication, will introduce in the conference the model of Bridge *. This methodology serves to know ourselves, to know better our conversational partner and adapt our communication to him, so as we understand each other easily.  

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 Date: 17th of January 2017 from 7pm to 9pm
Place: UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132 - Barcelona)
Language: Spanish

Free Lecture. This training is restricted to students and alumni of UPF Barcelona School of Management. All attendees can come with a guest.