Financial Market: Guilty or Victim?

from 19:00 h to 21:00 h
UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132-134, Barcelona)
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How many financial markets are out there? What happens there? Who participate in them? Are they really the source of our problems?

Xavier PuigXavier Puig, Managing Partner at Gesiuris Asset Management and Director of Banking and Finance at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, will be with us to answer these questions and talk about what he considers to be the current crisis: a debt crisis both public and private.

We must comprehend it well in order to understand where we are and what business departures we have, without forgetting that in spite of everything, the world is going well! Before sailing, it is crucial to know the "meteorological part"; it is not the same to sail (to live) with wind to favor, flat sea, force 2 and in a sunny day; than with wind against, sea curl, force 6 and thundering.

The objective of this conference is to know the environment in which we have to develop financially speaking to make decisions suitable for each of us and adapted to our circumstances. Any situation is navigable, but not any ship is adequate.

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Date: 1st of January 2017 from 7pm to 9pm
Place: UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132 - Barcelona)
Language: Spanish

Free Lecture. This training is restricted to students and alumni of UPF Barcelona School of Management.