from 15:00 h to 21:00 h
Auditori de la UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes 132, 08008 Barcelona)
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BLA, BLA, BLA, the first animation festival organized by the Master's Degree in Animation (MUAN) at the UPF Barcelona School of Management has arrived, bursting with energy, to give a boost to the Barcelona animation industry.

In its first edition, BLA, BLA, BLA will kick off with the presentation of the final projects by the students of the Master's Degree in Animation (MUAN) and will continue with an exciting program of short films.

The festival will start on Thursday, February 18, the big day for the students of the MUAN. A jury will evaluate their animation projects, developed over a busy year of study and creation, and it is also the day when the students and the industry can start to consider mutual collaboration in the medium, short or immediate future.

We will continue on February 19 with the BSM AnimationTalks, a program of seminars and short films, presented by professionals from the sector, who will discuss their creative ideas and proposals in all types of genres, including short author films, short collaboration films, short commercial films and art installations. Click on the following link to see the full program.

If you love animation, if you want to work in this field, if you are a spectator, a professional, if you are a fan or a dedicated student, come and see us at the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

For more information, see the notice in Spanish.

Download the program and sign up here