The art of public speaking

from 19:00 h to 21:00 h
UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132-134, Barcelona)
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Why there are some people that from a lectern, stage, in a classroom or in a conference room seduce us with their speech and others that are so difficult to listen?

Sílvia Bel

Which is the art or technique that allows us to control public speaking?

What happens when our communication skills are not up to our speech, text or poetry?

This workshop is aimed at those who want to work and discover new communication techniques; in order to learn how to create a magical silence in the audience. The rhythm, tone, pauses, volume, physical attitude, the directionality of speech, eye contact, the connection with the audience, control over the elements like lectern and microphone, etc.

All this from the experience on stage of an actress such as Silvia Bel; in a fun, entertaining and groundbreaking workshop.


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Date: 23rd of November 2016 from 7pm to 9pm

Place: UPF Barcelona School of Management (C/Balmes, 132 - Barcelona)

Language: Spanish


Free Lecture. This training is restricted to students and alumni of UPF Barcelona School of Management.