Laws of interfaces - Beyond an INTERFACE

from 19:30 h to 20:30 h
Balmes 132-134
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When someone says “interface” we immediately think of an interactive screen, a keyboard or a joystick. This is the “user interface” where human beings interact with digital devices. The main purpose of the Laws of Interfaces is specifically to take the “interface” concept way beyond the “user interface” and use it to explore all types of technological and social processes.

Based on the recently published book by Carlos Scolari, The Laws of Interfaces, several lecturers at the Barcelona School of Management and the University of Buenos Aires will rethink the “interface” concept to extend its use beyond digital technology.
What would happen if we analysed political parties as an interface in a crisis that must be redesigned? The same could be said for educational institutions (from primary school to university), syndicates or government structures.

All of this in a roundtable format where experts can share their visions and discuss.


Alejandro Piscitelli. Philosopher and lecturer in the Faculty of Communication at the University of Buenos Aires.
Carles Pont. Lecturer at the Department of Communication (UPF). Director of the Master’s in Political and Institutional Communication
Cristina Ribas. Digital Communication Director for Barcelona City Council. Academic coordinator for the Postgraduate Course in Civil Rights and Technopolitics.
Genís Roca. Chair of RocaSalvartella. Director of the postgraduate course in Digital Transformation of Organisations.
Carlos A. Scolari. Lecturer at the Department of Communication (UPF). Coordinator of the Transmedia Strategies itinerary of the Master of Arts in Communication Management.

Entrance is free of charge but you must register. The session shall be held in Spanish.