Talent Management

  • Classes taught in: Spanish
  • Start of classes: 03 April 2014
  • End of program: 05 April 2014
  • Program type: Certificate
  • ECTS: 2
  • Modality: On-Campus
  • Tuition fees: 1,950.00 €
  • Location: Balmes Building

Information relating the program's next edition will be updated shortly.

People are an organisation's most precious resource but, surprisingly, we still observe that talent management is not sufficiently aligned with the company strategy.

The ASTD Talent Management Certificate Program is an internationally renowned course and one of the most successful in the world of HR.

ASTD is the world's largest association dedicated to talent development and management. It has members in over 100 countries, who work in thousands of organisations from all spheres and sectors, both public and private.

Manum Consulting Group and the UPF Barcelona School of Management have joined forces with the ASTD to offer this programme, and to be able to meet the needs of business from a "people" perspective.

A recent study indicates that the majority of an organisation's senior executives devote around 30% of their time to people and talent-related matters, and that the managers from the Business areas rely on Human Resources when it comes to planning and implementing programmes related to the improvement of and search for team and people performance .

This incredible opportunity for learning with such a highly valued course will allow the participants to reflect on possible alternatives and solutions for their own organisations. They will also be provided with an extremely useful model and proven and and integrated talent management tools , which they will learn to apply effectively.


On completing this certified programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the different roles of Talent Management (TM) in an organisation.
  • Understand how TM is aligned and is in line with the business strategy .
  • Identify the new challenges that TM has to lead in the new competitive environment.
  • Have arguments and objective measurements to justify the value offered to the organisation by TM.
  • Specify the TM challenges in the company.
  • Use the six steps of the ASTD Talent Management® Model and prepare an Improvement Plan for the organisation's different processes.
  • Know how to design and carry out a position/role analysis, and adequately define the talent.
  • Understand why excellent performance/achievement management is fundamental for retaining talent.
  • Know in depth the best practices to attract, recruit, select and socialise.
  • Know how a career plan affects the organisation's strategy, and identify possible improvement gaps.
  • Know the value of a good potential detection assessment and the succession plans.
  • Learn the elements and the key stages of the ASTD Change Management® Model and its impact on the implementation of TM policies.
  • Debate possible IT alternatives which support TM processes.
  • Prepare a TM plan for their organisation. How to assess its impact and how to communicate it successfully.

Who is it for?

This highly practical and participatory course is intended for Human Resources professionals (Human Resources Directors, Talent Managers, Training and/or Selection Directors, Human Resources Business Partners, DO specialists) and for all those people who hold a position whose objective, one way or another, is to have the best, and the most prepared people, in the right positions at the right time.