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Postgraduate Program in Banking Management (online)

Postgraduate Program in Banking Management (online)


The banking business is undergoing a process of continual transformation. Changes in the economic situation, corporate movements, legal and tax amendments, and the incorporation of new products are factors marking this evolution.

The Postgraduate programme in Banking Management and the Postgraduate programme in Risk Analysis and Profitability of Financial Operations provide the knowledge and the analysis instruments necessary for professionals wishing to acquire personal competences to provide an efficient, up-to-date response to the new challenges arising in the financial sector.

The over fifty past courses permit us to offer contents which have evolved and have been perfectly adapted to the training needs of professionals in the banking business. The learning process is offered in blended learning format and online.


The objectives established in the first module, which can be taken separately as a postgraduate course, are:

  • control the concepts to analyse asset transactions,
  • relate the development of the economic environment to the risk of financing enterprises, and
  • know how to create a risk and profitability assessment report from a diagnosis of the information analysed.

Completing the diploma allows you to study the banking business as a whole in depth. Given the strong increase in the private banking activity, we:

  • introduce the key concepts for wealth management,
  • provide a practical view of the new financial markets and products and their taxation,
  • deal with the commercial strategies starting from marketing techniques , and
  • foster analysis and decision-making skills.



Potential candidates

Professionals who want to be prepared for the new challenges of the banking and finance sectors.



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Postgraduate Program in Banking Management (online)

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Key Facts:

Start of classes:February 2013
End of programme:March 2014
Degree:Postgraduate Program
ECTS Credits:30
Price:2.780,00 €