Master of Science in Management


The Master of Science in Management at UPF Barcelona School of Management is a one-year, full time program entirely taught in English targeted at students with strong quantitative and analytical skills who wish to gain in-depth knowledge in strategic management, innovation management and consulting. It can be studied as a general management program or in three different specializations: Business Analytics, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Academically rigorous and highly practical, the Master of Science in Management is designed for students seeking a career in international management. Its courses focus on the pillars of business management and build a sound basis to understand business organizations as a whole. As a unique feature of this Master of Science students can tailor the program's curriculum according to their career plans by choosing their preferred elective courses.

The Master of Science in Management benefits from the outstanding, hand-picked faculty of the UPF's world ranked Department of Economics and Business, known for its scientific state of mind, its constant contribution to creating knowledge and its high-level ability to stimulate and convey knowledge.

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  • To obtain a cross-functional approach to management.
  • To provide in-depth knowledge of analytical tools applied to management.
  • To learn the required technical and managerial skills for key decision-making processes.

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Master of Science in Management students will be able to pursue a professional career in the following professional fields:

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Digital Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain Management

Potential candidates

The Master of Science in Management is aimed at recent graduates and junior professionals with the academic backgrounds listed below. Students coming from other educational backgrounds must check the program's admission requirements.

  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Student Profile

The 2012-14 classes of the Master of Science in Management have embraced the following diverse student profiles:

  • Average age: 25
  • Age range: 22-29
  • Women: 48%
  • Men: 52%
  • Nationalities represented: 23
  • Represented countries: Turkey, Holland, Norway, Germany, UK, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Serbia and Montenegro, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and USA.

Geographic Origin by Region

Academic Background

Academic Director



The Master of Science in Management features an interactive learning experience and it combines different teaching methodologies:

Teaching takes the form of lectures and seminars. Seminars provide students with the opportunity to share ideas and experiences as well as to debate different points of view. Many of the seminars are based on practical cases, and most work is carried out as part of a group. Cases provide the background for application of models and techniques to produce insights. Simulations allow for an experimental learning of the above. Classes are mostly interactive and include continuous assessment. The academic performance of each student is evaluated regularly through written examinations and course work.

Further to this, the UPF Barcelona School of Management bases its training methodology on a fully scientific approach to knowledge and three core ideas: evidence-based management, entrepreneurship, and engaged social value. Read more in order to learn about the school's corporate values.


The assessment criteria of each course will be detailed at the beginning of the term. The evaluation system may vary from course to course and it will be based on the student's performance regarding the following activities:

Challenge Garage: a Networking Experience for all Masters of Science

The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers Master of Science students the possibility of participating in real business projects and professional networking events. The Challenge Garage is an innovation project which favours the interaction between local start-ups and SMEs and the school's Master of Science students. The aim of the project is to identify the real challenges of today's companies and use them to generate new business. Every year the Challenge Garage is organised as a parallel activity to the Master of Science's regular classes as a way to convey the UPF Barcelona School's of Management teaching methodology.


Academic contents

The Master of Science in Management is spaced along three terms (September to December, January to March and April to June). Additionally, students choosing the elective course called "Experiencing the World of Management" have the possibility of taking a corporate internship, thus possibly extending their stay for one extra term (July to September).

During the 1st term students of the Master of Science in Management and those of all specialisations sit together in class to learn the program's core courses.

On the 2nd and 3rd term students of the general management program customise their learning options by choosing 8 elective courses in topics such as Strategic Decision Making, Operations Management, Marketing and Rationality and Ethical Values. Also during these terms, students start working on their Master of Science final project.

By the 4th term students who choose the elective course called "Experiencing the World of Management" have the possibility to undertake a corporate internship.

Upon completing the Master of Science in Management students who wish to take on PhD studies are encouraged to do so in any of UPF research groups in Economics, Finance and Management.

Core Courses

  1. Analytical Tools
    • Applied Statistics
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
  2. Management Theory
    • Marketing
    • Organisational Behaviour
  3. Final Project Advising I-II

Elective Courses
There will be a presentation of elective courses at the end of the first term so that students can get a better understanding of their choices. Students may choose one of the following formulas:

Note: students can take more than 8 elective courses. Any extra elective course can be taken without additional cost. Additional elective courses will have no credit value.

  1. Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    • Analytical Tools for Strategic Decision-Making
    • Behavioural Economics
    • Business Strategy
    • Business Strategy and Technology Management
    • Financing for Start-Ups
    • Innovation Management and New Business Ideas
  2. Business Analytics
    • Operations Management
    • Quantitative Methods in Management
    • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
    • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
    • Forecasting, Revenue Management and Pricing
  3. Marketing
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Strategy
    • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
    • Integrated Communications
  4. Management Skills and Ethical Value
    • Rationality and Ethical Values in Management
    • Managing Teams and Negotiations

Internship: Experiencing the World of Management

Note: Elective courses may change according to the student's demand and the availability of the faculty.

Additional Off-program Activities

Further to the program's regular classes, the UPF Barcelona School of Management offers all Master of Science students the possibility of attending free complementary training parallel to the running of their programs. The following activities are optional and are included in the program's tuition fees:

Qualification and Academic Value

Once students have completed the programme they will receive the official Master's Degree Máster Universitario en Ciencias Empresariales (Master of Science in Management) awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University.

Students will also receive an additional Master of Science in Management completion certificate awarded by the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

60 crèdits ECTS*
* European Credit Transfer System. ECTS credit is equal to a total of approximately 25 hours of the student's preparation time, including classes and individual coursework.

Participants' experience

Calendar and timetable

Start of classes:
22 September 2014

End of classes:
15 June 2015

End of programme:
30 September 2015

Monday to Friday from 1 to 5 pm. Class times may vary according to the electives chosen.


Ciutadella Campus

Fees and financing

Programme fees

13.940,00 €

On top of the program's regular classes, the following activities are included in the program's tuition fees:

  • Brush-up courses
  • Spanish or Catalan courses
  • Career Development Program

Issuance of official Master's Degrees
The issuance of officially recognised diplomas in Spain implies the payment of a certificate issuance tax. This tax is officially approved by the Catalan Government and it varies from year to year. The programme tuition fees do not include this tax, which must be paid by the student for the successful attainment of the programme's final diploma.


  • MSc Scholarships
    Financial aid covering 20% of the total program fees intended for students who have been admitted to one of our Masters of Science.
  • Talent Scholarships
    Apply for one of our Talent Scholarships, specifically awarded to master students who can demonstrate an exceptional academic, professional or personal trajectory.
  • External Financial Aid
    Consult the list of external entities and institutions that offer financial aid to students who want to enrol on a master program or a postgraduate course.

  • Discounts
    Benefit from our student discounts if you are an alumnus, belong to the UPF community or work for one of our collaborating institutions.

  • Bank Loans
    Inform yourself about the bank loans with advantageous conditions that the UPF Barcelona School of Management has set up with the main Spanish financial institutions.


The Master of Science in Management offers the possibility of participating in an extracurricular internship in a sector-relevant company. Students interested in this option must sign up for the course "Experiencing the World of Management" on the 4th term (July to September). The participation in this course is subject to the number of internships available.

All internships have a minimum duration of 200 hours and their conditions are negotiated beforehand as to ensure the adequacy of the tasks given and the full compatibility with class attendance. Internships are identified in collaboration with the UPF Barcelona School of Management's Career Service.

Admission requirements and registration

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the Master of Science in Management, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. To have finished or be in the last year of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university. Ideally, students should come from any of the following academic fields of study:

    • Economics
    • Business Administration
    • Engineering

Applicants with a different academic background will be asked to provide proof of sufficient quantitative and analytical training by presenting one of the following tests:

  • GMAT: > 600
  • GRE: above the average score

Applicants who are currently studying the last year of their Bachelor's Degrees will need to have finished their university studies and obtained their final diploma before the beginning of the program.

Applicants who finished their Bachelor's Degrees some time ago should preferably not exceed 3 years of working experience in a position relevant to the program's contents.

2. To present an official English Certificate with the following minimum scores:

    • TOEFL CBT: > 235
    • TOEFL PBT: > 575
    • TOEFL IBT: > 100
    • CAE: C1
    • IELTS: > 6.5

Official results must be sent directly by the examining institution to the UPF Barcelona School of Management Admissions Department (Balmes 132-134, 08008, Barcelona, Spain) before 1 September 2014. Failure to provide sufficient proof of English might result in denial of participation in the program.

Applicants who, at the time of the application, still do not possess an official English certificate or who are in the process of obtaining it must include this information in their admission applications.

Applicants whose mother tongue is English do not need to present the aforementioned certificate.

Applicants who have completed their full Bachelor's Degree at an English-speaking university in a non-English speaking country must submit written evidence that the language of instruction of their studies was English.

No knowledge of Spanish is required for Master of Science candidates.

Admission process and enrolment

In order to enrol in any of our Masters of Science you simply have to follow the instructions below:

During the admission process the Admissions Committee will need a series of documents to evaluate your profile's suitability for the programme. A copy of the following application documents will be required from you:

Application deadlines 

Applications will be considered in accordance with the dates given below. Please note that, as this is a highly-demanded programme, the sooner you apply the greater your chances of being admitted.

Rounds Application deadline Resolution Reservation fee payment Talent Scholarship
deadline* awarding
20 Dec 13
17 Jan 14
7 Feb 14
6 Jun 2014
4 Jul 2014
31 Jan 14
21 Feb 14
14 Mar 14
7 Mar 14
28 Mar 14
18 Apr 14
25 Apr 14
16 May 14
6 Jun 14
30 May 14
20 Jun 14
11 Jul 14
1 Sep 2014
22 Sep 2014
30 Jun 14
18 Jul 14
8 Aug 14
18 Jul 14
1 Aug 14
22 Aug 14

* Find further information on the Talent Scholarship here.
** Note: Subject to programme vacancies and for EU citizens only.

Applications received after the deadline will be rolled to the next round.

Click here to read detailed instructions on our admission process and find out how to enrol in the programme.

Please note that when paying for the programme's fee by bank transfer you will be required to introduce your programme code. The programme code for this programme is 1506.

Student Services

The Student Services Office aims to accompany you throughout the whole process of your postgraduate student life: before, during and after the completion of your programme. It will give you access to a wide range of services and personal support in many extra-curricular aspects of key importance in your student and former student life.

Services included are:

All these services are available to students enrolled on any postgraduate programme with a minimum of 15 ECTS academic value.

Careers service

One of the main objectives for an institution such as Barcelona School of Management, which aim is to act as a link between the University and the workplace, is to offer participants and alumni good service in their professional development. As such, we offer tools and training in skills which complement the academic training which they receive at Barcelona School of Management and which give them the confidence to be able to face new professional challenges during and after their time at our institution.

Our aim is to support and advise individuals during the whole of their professional career – not only in the time that they are studying at Barcelona School of Management. We would like to offer the most suitable and relevant support, tools and knowledge so that they can define their objectives, improve their CVs and outline their strategy for finding work, whatever point they are at in their professional career.