University Master in Leadership and Management in Science and Innovation

  • Start of classes: 05 October 2012
  • End of program: 15 June 2013
  • ECTS: 60
  • Modality: On-Campus
  • Tuition fees: 00.00 €
  • Location: Barcelona School of Management
    Balmes, 132-134
    08008 Barcelona
    Tel.: +34 93 547 81 82
  • Places: 30

This program is not planned for the academic year 14-15. It is being redesigned to be offered in the future.

The Master in Leadership and Management of Science and Innovation consolidates a new professional figure characterised by complete training in knowledge of the situation of scientific research and of the instruments necessary for its leadership and management.

The Master in Leadership and Management of Science and Innovation forms part of the Programme in Management of Science, together with the Postgraduate Course in Management of the Business Aspects of Science and Technology.

Spain is one of the countries of the world with the highest growth in scientific production. This important advance in knowledge production has been accompanied by the creation of numerous research centres, whether public (university, health), industrial (RDI centres) or as a result of collaboration projects between both (technology or science parks).

There is a need for more professional management of the projects and policies intended to attract and administer them, and to account for the expenses and the investments. Another important problem has moreover been identified in recent years: the scarce transfer of technology arising from the scientific contributions of the researchers. This problem threatens the adaptation of the Spanish industrial fabric to the new business environments of the 21 st century, characterised by the use of technological innovation as a basic element of economic development.


The primary objective of the General Science Programme (PGC) is to train professionals in the administration and leadership of the research units of public and private centres, and in technology transfer, assessment and marketing of the discoveries liable to be developed industrially. These principles apply to specific situations such as:

• Reflection on the current role of science in society and scientific policy.

• Knowledge of the structure and dynamics of the science-technology-innovation system on the Catalan, Spanish, EU and global level.

• Establishment of the strategic axes of the institutions related to scientific policy.

• Development of institutional relations to help to attract resources for the centres.

• Familiarity with the problems of integrity of the research, the ethical challenges of contemporary scientific activity, and good scientific practices.

• Knowledge of the regional, Spanish and EU policies and calls for RDI projects.

• HR Management. Hiring policies. Leadership and policies to encourage and manage productivity and innovation in human resources.

• Logistic support for the preparation of research projects in public and private calls.

• Preparation of model contracts for RDI and technology transfer projects.

• Preparation of the budgets for the investment and expenses involved in the projects.

• Design and planning of spaces and facilities intended to house RDI activities.

Who is it for?

• Scientific directors, managers and administrators in the sphere of biomedicine or health and life sciences who carry out their activity in the European Union and who want to receive complete training in their professional sphere.

• Professionals with scientific training who wish to embark on a career in the sphere of scientific management.

• Management professionals from different spheres who want to specialise in science management.

• Researchers and professionals who want to specialise in scientific project management.

• Professionals from the public administrations and from private companies whose main duties include science management.

• Scientific and technological entrepreneurs who wish to acquire a broad base of knowledge and experience.