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Online Postgraduate Course in Literary Translation

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Module I

  • Seminar 1. Legal and professional aspects of translation. Mario Sepúlveda
  • Seminar 2. History of translation. José Francisco Ruiz Casanova
  • Seminar 3. Rhetorical devices in translation. Josep Mª Fulquet
  • Seminar 4. Translation of religious culture in Anglo-Saxon culture. Olivia de Miguel
  • Seminar 5. Ideology and translation. Marieta Gargatagli
  • Seminar 6. Comparative literature and translation. Nora Catelli
  • Seminar 7. Keys for the professional practice of literary translation. Carlos Mayor
  • Seminar 8. Translation between distant cultures. Víctor Pallejà
  • Seminar 9. Culture and translation: intertextuality and palimpsest. Maria Oliver

Module II

For the optional, practical component, the student will choose from the available workshops. (Each student will select 7 or 8 workshops)

  • Text correction and editing. Meritxell Anton
  • Writing in Spanish. A. Ehrenhaus
  • English - Spanish translation (translating humour). A. Ehrenhaus
  • English - Spanish translation (translating for the publishing industry). S. Komet
  • Italian - Spanish translation (translating prose). R. Falcó
  • Spanish - English translation. J. Boulting
  • Hungarian - Spanish translation (translating prose). A. Kovacsics
  • Reading in Spanish. J. Pérez Escohotado
  • Reading in French. G.Hormaechea
  • Resources for the translator. Alicia Martorell
  • Portuguese - Spanish translation (translating prose)
  • Serbo-Croatian - Spanish translation (translating prose). B. Veskovic
  • German - Spanish translation (translating prose). A. Kovacsics
  • English - Spanish translation (translating prose). O. de Miguel
  • French - Spanish translation (translating prose). G.Hormaechea
  • Reading in English. V. Miles
  • Russian - Spanish translation

A minimum number of students per workshop is required in order to be offered

*The information contained herein may be subject to changes

Final Degree

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Literary Translation, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.

Class attendance, passing the corresponding tests and submission of set assignments are essential in order to obtain the qualification. Students will have to pass the modules and complete a supervised project. Students who participate in individual workshops will obtain a certificate issued by UPF-IDEC.