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Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management

Employment opportunities

When participants complete the Postgraduate Course on Global Music Business Management their career opportunities include:

  • Consultancy.
  • Digital distributors.
  • Record labels.
  • Music publishers.
  • Specialized media.
  • Concert halls and festivals.
  • Concert promoters.
  • Booking agencies.
  • Management (personal and business managers).
  • Public administration (local councils, cultural centers, museums).
  • Education and training.
  • New technologies (startups, digital platforms).

Our students' experience

Irene Francés
Class of 2009
Production with 40 El Musical

We are currently witnessing one of the greatest transformations in the music industry. The DGIM helped me understand and discover the opportunities afforded
by this new environment, reinforce them to the maximum and thus find my own space within the music industry.

Jose Torrabadella
Class of 2015

The Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management (DGIM) has opened my eyes and given me a comprehensive view of all the sectors that are part
of the music industry. The fact that most of the teachers are recognized professionals, with experience in their respective areas, is one of the strengths
of this course. I must say that many of them were of great help when I was preparing my dissertation, which was an in-depth study of music publishing,
a sector in which I am now working. Thanks to the postgraduate course I have become a professional and started my own business, working with a student
from another edition of the DGIM.

Astrid García Segarra
Class of 2013
In charge of Crowdfunding for musical projects in Verkami

For me, the Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management was a meeting space between music industry professionals and people who want to work
in the sector. The teachers and speakers described the current reality of the field in a way that showed the vocational and international dimension of
the work. At the same time, they provided us with a cultured understanding of music along with practical skills for working in the music business. Most
importantly, they were able to teach us the value of reflection, debate and initiative. Starting out as a band's agent whilst studying allowed me to
consolidate what I learnt in class. Finishing the course with an internship at the crowdfunding organization Verkami, where I am currently the consultant
for musical campaigns, has given me the opportunity to hold a small places in these changing market.

Antonio Arias Paniagua
Class of 2007
Co-Director of Bohemia Music

On this course you learn about the workings of an industry that changes every day. The different points of view provided by your lecturers and classmates
help you to discover all the facets of the music industry. The course allowed me to do an internship at Warner Music, during a very important time in
the development of the record industry.
Contact with classmates who provide very interesting ideas is also essential. In my case, one of my classmates
and I started up our own concert promotion company and the DGIM provided us with the necessary tools and foundations for the project to work as well
as possible.

Laia Pujol Morera
Class of 2011
Manager of D-Música factoria musical

The Postgraduate Programme in Company Management in the Music Industry (DGIM) is very well-structured: not only does it establish the foundations and the
organisation of the music industry, it also provides the necessary tools and academic resources for the development of future projects. That is exactly
what it did in my case, given that, thanks to the DGIM, I've been able to develop profitable projects and employ over ten people.

José Luis Martínez
Class of 2006

Partner director of the First Golden Tickets

Academic programmes such as the DGIM are the forerunners of a renewed music industry. There is a future while there exist a market and professionals capable
of providing answers in accordance with the times. The DGIM brings about this change.

Joan Soley
Class of 2006

General Co-ordinator of the Primavera Sound festival

The course provided me with a much broader overview of the music sector. The wide range of lecturers and speakers and subjects dealt with during the postgraduate
contributed greatly to this. I must make a special mention of the debates which arose spontaneously in class among students, since they enabled different
views to be observed regarding music and its sectors. Thanks to the postgraduate course I gained employment at the independent music festival Primavera

Solange Réchencq
Class of 2005
A&R de Ediciones Musicales Clipper's /Content Manager en Clipper's Sounds S.L.

For me, this course was of great help in order to understand the general environment of the music world. At present I am working as A&R in the Artistic
Department of one of the country's most important independent publishers. I obtained the position through the course since, once completed, the contact
with tutors, classmate and sector peers remains.

Ruben Wagensberg
Class of 2014
Director "The Indian Runners"

The Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management allows you to understand how such a complicated, changing, abstract field as the music industry
works. The course provides key information about the music world's key sectors and is taught by experts in the area. I would like to highlight the close
relationships (personal, but often professional too) that you develop throughout the course, as well as the extent to which the teachers made themselves
available for contact outside of the classroom. The opportunity to take an internship (in my case in the offices of Sala Apollo) allowed me to get to
know the workings of a large music organization from the inside.

Paz Vila
Class of 2010
Marketing and Product at the Octubre label
Sony Music

This postgraduate programme introduces students to numerous aspects of the music industry. Through the different presentations, the course clarifies and
orders a sector with its own very specific characteristic and a multitude of players and branches. An industry which is as changeable as it is exciting
is explained by the professionals.