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Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
01 October 2018 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
15 June 2019 (to be confirmed)
Class times:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 18.00 to 22.00 h


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This program is currently being updated.


The Postgraduate Course on Global Music Business Management is a comprehensive course in all aspects of the music business. Expert training in the management of companies linked to the music business: record companies, management companies, consultants, music publishers, concert promoters, etc. The postgraduate course pays special attention to the digital revolution and how to adapt to changing consumer habits.

During the course you will learn about the different links that make up the value chain, the relationship between the people involved, the legal framework within which they interact, and, above all, the conversion of a project into a product for its target market. With the help of leading professionals from organizations such as Sony ATV, Primavera Sound, The Orchard, BMAT and the In-Edit Festival, you will learn about the role and activities of each of the agents in the music industry. You will also have the opportunity of work experience with different companies in the sector. Over 11 editions of the course, 300 internships have been arranged with over 80 companies in the sector.

The Postgraduate Course on Global Music Business Management is aimed at professionals from the music world and graduates from any discipline who want to focus their career on the management of companies and projects linked to music.

Why this program?

  1. Because it is the first program to teach global music business management in Spanish and benefits from the activity generated in Barcelona, the musical capital of the south of Europe.
  2. Because it promotes the generation and exchange of knowledge with agents in the sector and promotes the creation of projects among students and former students (many of whom are already working in different fields of the music business).
  3. Because it offers you the chance of work experience in major companies in the sector. Our students have benefited from placements with: Spring Sound, Chamber Apollo, Sony Music, L´Auditori, This Is Underground, Deezer, The Project, and The Orchard, among others.
  4. Because you will be taught by internationally renowned professionals in the music industry.
  5. Because it will give you the tools and academic resources you need to develop your own career in the music business.
  6. Because it is accredited by over 10 years' experience, training 350 professionals in the music sector. More than two thirds of the participants are working in companies in the sector, holding important positions, or have set up their own businesses.
  7. Because it incorporates an advanced, self-designed learning model based on the educational philosophy of the UPF Barcelona School of Management's manifesto.


  • To equip students with the relevant knowledge to create and manage any type of organization or project related to the music business.
  • To provide the tools and academic resources necessary to identify the value that each participant can contribute and capitalize on in the music business.
  • To teach participants about the particularities and multiple facets of the music industry.
  • To promote students' ability to detect opportunities in the music world and find their own business channels.

Who is it for?

It is designed especially for all professionals that, directly or indirectly, work in contact with music and want to acquire a comprehensive vision of the business it generates. It is open to professionals in the fields of recorded music, musical theater, the audiovisual industry, videogames, entertainment, intellectual property, live performance, copyright, image rights, the internet and, in general, anyone interested in managing companies linked to the exploitation of music in any of its formats, as well as university graduates who want to enter the sector.

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