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Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication

Employment opportunities

List of some of the more than 500 graduates of the Scientific Communication programmes and their current activities:

Claudia Aguilera (Ministry of Health, Colombia), Sergio Álvarez (Projects and External Relations Department, UPC), Daniel Arbós (Communications for the Catalan Institute of Oncology [ICO], radio programme Pa ciència, la nostra ), Àlex Argemí (Communications for the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute, IDIBAPS), Susana Argul (RE-CREA Accions Culturals), Marta Asensio (CERHVO, Vallès Occidental Human Reproduction Centre), Nahia Barbería (Formas Naturales), Laura Barrufet (RE-CREA Accions Culturals), Lourdes Berdier (CSIC), Marc Boada (Pèndulum), Isabelle Bonhoure (Empiric), Bibiana Bonmatí (Communications, University of Barcelona), Silvia Bravo (Miquel Crusafont Palaeontology Institute, ICP), Mara Bruges (Colciencias, Bogota), Johanna Cáceres (Communications Director, Mataró Hospital), Anna Calderer (Aqualogy Development Network), Javier Canteros (Punset Producciones Group), Laura Carrau (Lau Cau Productions), Albert Casanovas (Barcelona Natural History Museum), Mireia Cid (e-forum, the Global Fund), Moira Costa (Pèndulum), Montserrat Daban (Directorate-General of Research, Government of Catalonia), Martí Dalmases (Parc Taulí Hospital Consortium), Victoria de Castro (Colciencias, Bogota), Marc de Semir (Director of Corporate Communications and Patronage, University of Vic), Bruna Espar (EscoLab), Ita Fábregas (Interprofit), Pere Figuerola ( Sapiència programme, La Xarxa), Araceli Garcia (Network and Web Manager, Official Association of Physicians of Barcelona), Helena Garcia (Communications Department, IHOBE), Sara García (Sant Pau Hospital), Alba Guzmán (Pharmaconsult), Karla Islas ( Médico ), Sílvia Labé (Biocat), Rossy Laciana (Communications, UPC), Sonia Liñán (Corporate Communications, AMGEN), Gemma López (La Incertesa theatre company), M. Ángeles López ( El Mundo Health), Octavi López (Communications, UAB), Xavier López Llauradó (Fight Against AIDS Foundation), Francesc Lladó (IEC), Zuberoa Marcos (Tres14, RTVE), Susana Márquez (BTV News), Ana Rosa Martínez (Greenpeace Catalonia representative), Neus Martínez (Novartis), Rosa Martínez (Communication, UB), Lila Martínez Ucha (Directorate of Culture and Scientific Promotion, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Argentina), Margarida Mas (Galènia Comunicació Mèdica), Leonardo Medeiros (Communications, Ascam Foundation), Monica Mejía-Chang (Global Ecology Unit, UAB), Alicia Montes (Natural History Museum of Barcelona), Pol Morales (Dr Antonio Esteve Foundation), Jordi Morató (Head of Communications, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute [IDIBELL]), Judith Muñoz (TV3), Sergi Muñoz (RBA), Angel Núñez (Communications, Centre for Genomic Regulation), Andrea Obaid (Science and Technology Director, Radio Cooperativa, Chile), Anna Oliva (RAC1), Antoni Parada (Medical Technology Assessment Agency, AATRM), Neus Pavón (LaVola), Míriam Pélaez (Punset Producciones Group), Bru Penetró (BTV News), Arianne Pérez (Omnis Cellula), Núria Pérez (Communications, Pompeu Fabra University), Octavi Planells (Buscaciència, Punset Producciones Group), Debbie Ponchner ( La Nación , Costa Rica), Gonzalo Remiro (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology [FECYT]), Alex Revuelta (Panasonic), Gemma Revuelta (Deputy Director of the Scientific Communication Observatory, UPF), Cristina Ribas (Catalan Association of Scientific Communication and UPF), Raimundo Roberts (Library of the National Congress of Chile), Joan Carles Rodríguez (Ediciones Mayo), Ramón Sangüesa (Language and Computer Systems, UPC), Guillermo Santamaría (Science, Research and Environment Department, "la Caixa" Foundation), Juan Manuel Sarasúa (UAB Divulg@), Pau Senra (Qualitat Kultura), Cristina Serradell (Barcelona Natural History Museum), Francesc Sureda (Waste Museum, Llagostera), Eva Tarragona (Rurbans Association), Montserrat Tarrés (Institutional Communications Director, Novartis), Sonia Tomàs (Hospital Clínic), Raúl Torán (Catalan Association of Scientific Communication, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute [IDIBELL]), Laia Torres ( Investigación y Ciencia ), María Trenzado (Communications, BarnaClínic), Cecilia Valenza (journalist for Gazeta do Povo , Brasil), Magda Valls (TV3), Eva Van der Berg ( National Geographic ), Elisenda Vendrell (Fundació Clínic, Barcelona), Montse Vendrell (Managing Director of BioRegió, Catalonia), Ana Villanueva (El País).

Our students' experience

Octavi Planells
Class of 2008
Biologist and writer for the production company of the programme Redes

For me, the Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication meant a change in the direction of what I was looking for in my career; until then I had been focused on a very specialized line of research. Doing the course opened the door to a profession that allows me to have a broader perspective of scientific knowledge, to learn about its key players and to communicate this to others.

María Escrivá Izquierdo
Class of 2009
Corporate image and scientific communication

After six years working in research and teaching and with a doctorate in Molecular Biology under my belt, I decided to go for what had always interested me. Today, thanks to the master's, I have turned my passion for disseminating science into my job, closing the door to the laboratory to instead turn to society. I love it!

Nahia Barbería
Class of 2010

In my case, the Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication was the perfect addition to a degree in Biology. It allowed me to learn about the world of scientific communication: who works in the field, through which institutions and platforms, the tools they use, where funding comes from, etc. The classes, the professionals I met and the internship I did encouraged me to start up my own business along with two of my classmates: a multimedia production company specializing in scientific communication.

Marta Palomo
Class of 2011

The Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication allowed me to discover a whole new world. I'm a biologist and I had just defended my doctoral thesis when I decided to head in a different professional direction. I left the field of research and moved into another field, one that is no easier but one that, for me, is much more rewarding: scientific communication. During the course of the master's, I not only learned about the most important professionals on the Spanish scene, but also about many international figures. I also learned the ABC's of writing, radio and documentaries within the context of scientific dissemination. And, last but not least, I had the opportunity to share everything I learned with the people who would become my fellow professionals– people with great training and thirst for knowledge from whom I never tire of learning.