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Master in Political and Institutional Communication


The Master in Political and Institutional Communication includes the option of taking an extracurricular internship. This type of internships:

  • Are not part of the academic course contents. They are complementary to the taught classes.
  • Are not compulsory. If you wish to undertake an internship you will need to inform us upon applying.
  • Include student advising and management of the internship agreement: The school's Careers Service will assign you an internship adviser who will assist you in your internship search, manage the internship agreement with the company and be the point of contact throughout the internship period. Always remember, the final selection process is at the discretion of the individual company.

For more information, please read our internship regulations.

The students of this master interned in the following companies: rista Team, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Think O'Clock, VidaCaixa, Grupo Municipal Ciutadans Barcelona, Partido Popular, Parlament de Catalunya