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Online Master in International Business

Admission requirements

Higher university degree or bachelor's degree awarded by a university with at least two years of relevant working experience.

To apply to this program a C1 level of Spanish (advanced level) is required, as well as sufficient knowledge of English in order to understand texts in this language.

Admission and Enrollment

  1. Application for admission

    • Applications for admission will be evaluated according to the calendar below. Please check your program's start date and make sure you present your application well in advance:
      Admission rounds
      Application round Deadline Admission resolution Reservation fee payment
      1 25/11/2015 week of 14/12/2015 09/01/2016
      2 16/12/2015 week of 11/01/2016 03/02/2016
      3 20/01/2016 week of 08/02/2016 03/03/2016
      4 24/02/2016 week of 14/03/2016 04/04/2016
      5 22/03/2016 week of 18/04/2016 04/05/2016
      6 27/04/2016 week of 16/05/2016 01/06/2016
      7 25/05/2016 week of 13/06/2016 06/07/2016
      8 15/06/2016 week of 04/07/2016 13/07/2016
      9 11/07/2016 week of 25/07/2016 10/08/2016
      10 01/09/2016 week of 12/09/2016 20/09/2016
      11 15/09/2016 week of 26/09/2016 10/10/2016
      12 13/10/2016 week of 24/10/2016 10/11/2016
      • Applications received after each round will be automatically moved to the next round
      • Application rounds are subject to the number of places available on the program
      • If the program starts before the deadline for the reservation fee, the whole payment must be done before the program starts
    • Complete the online admission form
    • Pay the €120 admission fee. This amount is part of the registration fee and will be returned if the applicant is not admitted.
    • To complete your candidature, we will ask you to send us a series of documents that the Admissions Committee needs in order to be able to assess your profile and your suitability for the programme.
      • Two recommendation letters (academic or professional)
      • Statement of Purpose
      • CV
      • Scanned copy of university degree (if you are in the last year of your degree, you can provide the academic transcript for admission)
      • Scanned copy of academic transcript. Make sure that it includes your GPA (Grade Point Average).
      • Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport
      • Passport-size photo (jpg format).
      • Signed rights and obligations of the participant

    Additional documentation may be requested in certain cases.

    This documentation will be submitted through a specific platform to which you will be given access.

  2. Admission

    • The Admissions Committee will select the candidates with a personal or CV-based interview.
    • The admission decision will be notified in writing.
  3. Registration

    Once the letter of acceptance to the programme has been received, and before beginning the academic activity, it will be necessary to submit the following original documentation:

    • Approved and/or legalised photocopy of university degree
    • Approved and/or legalised photocopy of academic transcript. Make sure that it includes your GPA (Grade Point Average).

    In the event of having a foreign degree, consult the documentation that you will have to submit here.

    It is essential to make the payment reserving the place and to formalise the registration in order to guarantee the place.

    When paying for the programme's fee by bank transfer you will be required to introduce your programme code. The programme code for this programme is {1515}.