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Master in Audiovisual Content and Creation


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
16 October 2017 (to be confirmed)
End of classes:
06 July 2018 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
31 July 2018 (to be confirmed)
Class times:

Modays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 17 to 21 h

Program type:
Màster propi
Tuition fees:

Logo El TerratBrands are seeking creative alternatives to advertising. Branded content has become a strategic product that uses narrative and aesthetic formats from the audiovisual world itself to help brands position themselves, transmit values and connect with the public. The Master in Audiovisual Content Creation and Management, organised in conjunction with the producer El Terrat, trains creators and managers of entertainment, fictional and branded content, as well as specialists in strategic brand value.

The program goes beyond the idea of content creation for television, and explores all windows capable of hosting audiovisual content, such as web platforms, social media or live events. As well as learning how to create interesting and well-produced audiovisual content, participants will be able to detect strategic value, transmedia opportunities, and ascertain which content best suits the objectives of a television chain, brand or company.


The Master in Audiovisual Content Creation and Management is intended for program, content and entertainment format creators and screenwriters, in both fiction and advertising, as well as marketing and communication department managers who wish to learn how to detect and select the best content for their companies in order to communicate their values and brands.

Why this program?

  • The communication environment has changed and the market needs new professionals with cross-disciplinary skills to generate content on different subject matters, in different formats and for all kinds of channels and customers.
  • The teaching staff includes a team of prestigious lecturers from the Department of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University, a team of professionals from the producer El Terrat, and also external collaborators from diverse channels, advertising and media agencies, producers and companies.
  • The participation of El Terrat as a cutting-edge producer and pioneer in the creation of entertainment, fictional and branded content, provides the master with a seal of quality and expertise, while also providing it with a highly practical component and contact with the real professional environment.
  • These kinds of new specialists in content generation are required by the current social context and market. Career prospects are aimed at editors, screenwriters, copywriters, creators of entertainment, fictional or branded content, communication consultants for companies and institutions, etc. They are additionally aimed at managers of these types of content, from a business and strategic viewpoint, with the aim of detecting the best content for their companies and communicate their values.
  • The program foresees optional internships at El Terrat. Furthermore, as the master is intended for professionals, its learning dynamics have been conceived while considering its highly practical nature.