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Master of Arts in Communication Management

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

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Module 1 (Mandatory)

Fundamentals of Communications Management

  • Mass Communication Research Methods
  • Qualitative Communications Theory and Research
  • Media Industries and Audience Trends
  • Global Strategic Communications
  • Introduction to Communications Management

Module 2 (Elective tracks)

The student must take 7 elective courses among all the courses offered inside and outside the 4 tracks (students can convalidate 1 internship for 2 electives, in that case the student must take 5 electives). If the student takes 3 or more courses inside a specific track he or she will receive a specialised mention:

Track 1. Corporate Communications

  • Organisational Communications
  • Internal Communications and Media Relations
  • Communications Planning and Project Management

Track 2. Transmedia Storytelling

  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Transmedia Branding
  • Mobile Communications

Track 3. Place Branding

  • Fundamentals of Branding
  • Place Branding Context and Theories
  • Strategic Planning for Place Brands

Track 4. Social Media Strategies

  • Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Big data analytics for communications management
  • Digital media and public relations.

Other elective courses:

Emerging trends in communications management 

  • Communications in organisations and professions

Professional development skills

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Module 3 (Mandatory)

  • Evidence-based management: This subject brings us closer to professional decision making through prudent, clear and precise data analysis. Real life, relevant examples give students an opportunity to discover the manifold opportunities that big data can provide to different professional sectors.
  • Storytelling: In this subject we develop the functions and mechanisms of audiovisual narrative (storytelling) and we apply them to professional communication. We tackle issues such as how to create communication actions that make an impact (on a personal, project and corporate level) as well as interpersonal communication and team motivation. The goal is to help professionals transmit any idea successfully, with creativity and energy.
  • Ethics and sustainability: Professionals in all sectors have to deal with issues relating to ethics and sustainability throughout their working lives. In this subject, we focus on identifying, analyzing and effectively responding to these questions.

MoA Thesis

Students must complete a Master’s Thesis project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Additional Off Program Activities

Further to the course's regular classes, all Master of Arts students have the possibility of attending free complementary training parallel to the running of their studies. The following activities are optional and are included in the program's tuition fees:

  • Brush-up Courses: preparatory crash-courses on communication-related subjects which take place two weeks prior to the beginning of the program.
  • Spanish Course: free of charge, 3-hour/week course at the UPF's language school.
  • Career Development Program: career sessions and workshops during which students obtain specific training on how to improve their CV, approach potential employers and develop professional soft skills. Read more about the school's Career Services.

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Final Degree

Upon successful completion of the program, the student shall receive the Master's Degree Máster en Gestión de la Comunicación/ Master of Arts in Communications Management awarded by Pompeu Fabra University as UPF-specific degree.

This qualification has initiated the administrative verification process to be recognized as an official master´s degree by the Spanish Ministry of Education and in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In the event that it is declared official degree, we shall immediately inform you so that, if you think fit, you are able to enroll in the official degree studies and pursue the complementary courses upon successful of which you shall be awarded the said official degree.