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Master of Arts in Communication Management


The Master of Arts in Communications Management includes a curricular internship:

  • As an essential element of the academic curriculum, the Internship is equivalent to an additional course that must be completed in order to earn the program degree. 
  • Students need to be proactive in the Internship search. Resources and assistance will be provided by the Internship Coordinator and the Career Services Office. 
  • The Career Services Office will assist students in managing legal agreements with the company and any necessary documentation.
  • The school does not intervene in the selection process, whose procedures and final decisions depend exclusively on the companies. Curricular internships can be exchanged by two additional optional courses.

For more information, please read our  internship regulations.

Some of the internship providers will be:

Hospital Vall d’Hebron, BBDO & Proximity advertising Group, RocaSalvatella, Catalan Tourism Board, Barcelona FC, Ogilvy, Bodegas Torres, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona, TV3, DIPLOCAT, Turisme de Barcelona, Minoria Absoluta.

Some of the companies will require knowledge of Spanish language.