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Developed programmes


Postgraduate Diploma in the Economic-Financial Management of Gas and Electricity

Objective of the programme

Ensuring transversal homogeneous management within the group, after the merger of the two organisations: Gas Natural and Fenosa. Attempting to give the team cohesion and facilitating knowledge of the business and new aspects of accounting, tax, financial and risk management matters.

Characteristics of the programme

A face-to-face programme was delivered. More than 350 people from the various departments of the general economic and financial management departments attended the course in person. Three sites were chosen for this: Ávila, main headquarters of the Corporate University, Barcelona and Madrid.



Graduate Course: The Management of Market Product Safety Surveillance System

Objective of the program

Contributing to the development and consolidation of national and regional market surveillance systems regarding the safety of consumer products.

Characteristics of the program

A programme online was designed, complemented with a face-to-face workshop in Washington (United States). Over thirty officers participated from different consumer agencies.

"The support of the UPF has been extremely important, since no similar precedents exist as regards the construction of the technical capacity of the authorities, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. Of particular note was the excellent work of the entire team, which strove tirelessly in order to ensure the course was a real success."

José Miguel Insulza

Secretary General of the Organization of American States



Advanced Marketing Course for Human Resources

Objective of the programme

Making the human resource directors and heads of the Ferrovial group familiar with and apply marketing tools, thus optimising the relationship with internal clients.

Characteristics of the programme

A face-to-face programme was designed with practical methodology  at the Corporate University in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

"The feedback from those attending was excellent and they have all recommended the course to their colleagues. A large part of this success was possible thanks to the team of lecturers, who were able to convey the main concepts of marketing, adapting them to HR functions, accompanying them with examples and experience which helped the participants assimilate them and later reflect on and apply them."

Juan Ramón García

Manager of Summa Universitas Ferrovial



Master's in Company Financial and Accounts Management. Specialising in Auditing.

Objective of the programme

Programme aimed at new auditing service professionals, to strengthen the area of specialisation and provide tools to optimise the finance and accounts sectors, and reinforce accounts auditing processes.

Characteristics of the programme

A programme was provided based on practical and participative methodology. The intention of this system was to encourage participants to develop their decision-making capacity, search for agreed solutions to complex problems and work in teams.

"This programme managed to value training which is vital for our company since it allows us to capture talent and keep it."

Ana Arza

Manager of Human Capital for PwC



Master's in Health and Pharmacoeconomics

Objective of the programme

Helping different professional profiles to understand the context and sector in which they work, training them in economics and the management of health and pharmacy services.

Characteristics of the programme

A programme was provided in online format, enabling access to highly specific training for a diverse public (geographically and functionally). Participants were supported with teaching materials and tools adapted to the characteristics of the syllabus.

"We trusted in the organisation to train our professionals with a rigorous programme based on high quality standards, run by top-notch professionals."

Jesús Acebillo

President of Novartis Group Spain


Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Advice

Objective of the programme

The understanding by participants of how the main financial markets operate: money markets, equity markets, bond markets, currency and derivative markets. Enabling participants to become familiar with the basic technical analysis of securities or assets listed on organised markets, integrate tax aspects into asset management decisions and discover asset management techniques and their implementation.

Characteristics of the programme

This programme was delivered online. More than 1,200 participants took part, distributed among various editions, with a tutor at all times accompanying them throughout the programme.

"This course enabled us to provide specific training for our personal banking managers, who are distributed throughout the 8 Territorial Offices of Caixabank. After 4 years of delivering this programme, with a 94% student satisfaction rate and 98% completion rate, the programme now forms an indispensable part of our training plans."

Xavier Coll

Vice President Human Resources,  CaixaBank