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Meeting and exchange point

The value of the Alumni Association is the sum total of the values of all those involved in it, a number which is growing from year to year. Thanks to this it serves as an organism to spread opinions in the business world and boost Barcelona School of Management´s prestige. Its mission is to provide participants who have completed programmes at this institution with a powerful tool for exchange, communication and continuous training throughout their professional careers.

The Association is made up of area and territorial groups which reflect the affinities of these different groups.

Through the activities it organises, especially networking, the Association encourages a spirit of constant learning and improvement and provides former students with continuous training. These activities also give alumni the opportunity to re-unite, exchange experiences and maintain a lively network of contacts.

Alumni Association website:


C/ Balmes, 132-134 08008 Barcelona. Enlace a Google Maps
Tlf.: 93 542 18 68