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M7. Economía de la Salud (2): Demanda. Modalidad online (edición en inglés)

M7. Economía de la Salud (2): Demanda. Modalidad online (edición en inglés)

Module 7 from the Master in Health Economics and Pharmaeconomics (online). Programme held in english.

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The International Master in Health Economics and Pharmaeconomics (online) (MESIOL) is divided in eight modules; the seventh one is oriented to introduce the basic concepts of the master.

The basic aim of this module is to guide the participant in the economic analysis of the functioning of the health sector and the economic behaviour of the agents involved in it, with special reference to the application of economic concepts and instruments to the management of health services. This aim is pursued jointly with the Module 6 of this programme.


  • To distinguish between the ways in which need and demand are opposed as resource allocation criteria.
  • To distinguish between the demand for health and the demand for medical care and health services, understanding the latter as being derived from the former.
  • To evaluate the results of the observed variability in health care activity and the importance of analysing its possible sources of variation for the design of economic policies.
  • To use instruments of economic analysis to analyse and evaluate the impact of technology on the decision to either produce health services directly or to outsource them.
  • To get to know the peculiarities of internal markets of public competition.
  • To distinguish between different ways of understanding equity in the distribution of resources and to measure health inequalities.


This distance learning programme is based on the wide experience in on-site academic education provided by 13 editions of the Master's Degree in Health Economics and Health Care Management given at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), which in its early years was taught in conjunction with the University of Barcelona. This international distance learning programme also takes advantage of the experience provided by the various editions of the Spanish online course taught since 2002.

The materials for the distance modules have been prepared by researchers of renowned international prestige working at the UPF Research Centre on Economics and Health (CRES) and teaching staff of the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Health Sciences of Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain), together with other collaborators, all with proven academic and professional experience. The content of the various courses combines the explanation of the methodological foundations with the use of the instruments, based on the publications of the faculty and collaborators and the discussion of case studies taken from the specialized literature.

UPF and the Continuing Education Institute (IDEC) of Pompeu Fabra University provide all the necessary information technology infrastructure and other resources for the smooth running of the course. Taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by the information technologies, this course will be taught entirely online, combining the use of web technology, hypertexts and e-mail to allow continual teacher/participant and participant/teacher interaction.

A quién se dirige

This programme is aimed at professionals in the health sector and the pharmaceutical sector who cannot afford the time to attend an on-site course, or who prefer to work primarily through virtual communication. This International Master's Degree in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics meets the needs and requirements both of experienced professionals and of recent graduates who wish to increase their knowledge of these areas.

The programme is addressed to professionals who, wherever in the world they live, wish to follow a distance course with the characteristics we have outlined above. It is conducted entirely online, and at no time it is necessary to attend face-to-face sessions. The international edition of this programme is conducted entirely in English.

In particular, the programme is designed to complement the training of professionals with management responsibilities and graduates interested in acquiring the necessary skills to take on such responsibilities in:

  • Hospitals, clinical laboratories and public and private health centres.
  • Public bodies responsible for managing and/or funding pharmaceuticals and health services.
  • Private insurance companies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and companies related to the distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmaceutical and health service management training centres.
  • Consultancy and advisory firms related to the health sector, etc.

To date, the Spanish and the International edition of this online training programme has been followed by over 350 participants in several European, African and Latin-American countries.



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M7. Economía de la Salud (2): Demanda. Modalidad online (edición en inglés)

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